The Vacation paradise of Costa Rica has been discovered. Costa Rica has been called by many “The new Hawaii”.  Retiring baby boomers are flocking to this new found paradise and vacationers are traveling there to see the splendor of the tropical rain forests, expansive beaches.  Like the Venture Cabo fishing charters, Costa Rica has world class sports fishing, active volcano’s, unbelievable wild life and the list goes on.  Costa Rica is the place where dreams are full-filled and in exploring this site you will find the gems that are hidden within this tropical paradise.

Costa Rica is the place to go for warm people, warm weather and and a laid back atmosphere with eco-tours, hammocks on the beach or sitting in the many natural hot pools.  If you are into fishing, the deep blue pacific on the West coast and the blue green Caribbean to the east will offer up a variety of experiences.

The family will love Costa Rica .  Even temperatures throughout the year and the length of daylight only varying slightly makes packing clothes a snap.  In other words, just bring the warm weather gear.  A light wind breaker is suggested if you are visiting at higher altitudes such as the Central Valley around San Jose and north to the Upper valley and the Volcanoes.  November through March in considered the summer or dry season while April through October is the Winter or wet season.  The wet season usually consists of an afternoon rain shower, much like Hawaii.

Costa Rica offers beautiful beaches, beautiful people, great tours, luscious forest and some of the most colorful birds and animals in the tropics.   And did I mention the huge waterfalls, tree top canopy in the rain forest, Zip lines, butterfly farm or one of the most active volcano’s in the Americas.

Costa Rica is a paradise that has something for everyone.  Once you visit this land of warmth, you’ll never forget it.

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